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Annie Leibovitz – Why Oh Why?

PR Photos.com/Annie LeibovitzHaving a keen interest in photography, and the portrait work of Annie Leibovitz, I felt moved to take a closer look at her chart and current transits. I wanted to find out how such a talented and successful woman who has commanded the front covers of Vogue, Vanity fair and Rolling Stones for decades, could be in such dire financial straits.

This is the women who took the last photograph of John Lennon curled up naked alongside a fully clothed Yoko Ono hours before he was shot dead, and the picture of a very pregnant Demi Moore, as well as many other notable creations. She certainly has no shortage of highly paid work. Her chart makes interesting reading.

The placement of Annie’s planets reads like one of her own portraits, full of light and intense shade. There is real beauty mixed with dark passion, emotional fireworks and at times an abstract insouciance.

As you might expect her Sun is in Libra conjunct Mercury and Neptune, bringing a wistful and rather beautiful quality to her photographs. Mercury at the centre of the conjunction indicates that she has a natural aesthetic sense which enables her to ‘see’ a potential photograph where others may not. With a focus on Libra her pictures  are reminiscent of the old masters as they sought to create the perfect composition.

The conjunction in Libra is aspected by Mars conjunct Pluto in Leo which in opposed by her Moon in Aquarius and squared by Venus in Scorpio. Her feelings run deep and her powerful personality runs through her photos like skeins of rich thread. Having Saturn in Virgo indicates that she is a perfectionist and willing to do whatever it takes to excel. Her Sun is also squared by Uranus, so she is naturally rebellious. Jupiter in Capricorn indicates that she has endeared herself to the establishment even as she loves to flaunt the rules.

As there is no time of birth for her it is not possible to align the planets with the correct houses, or to find out her Ascendant. But her Mars/Pluto conjunction in Leo suggests that she is a law unto herself and certainly someone who is not willing to compromise let alone live on a budget. Her art is everything and her chart reveals that it is her passion for photography and for life itself that may have resulted in a series of financial mishaps. She doesn’t know when to stop.

It is also of interest that she has Uranus in Cancer, a placement which suggests a movement away from the traditional family unit.  She had her first child when she was fifty-one back in 2001. She then had twins by a surrogate mother in 2005 – so she now has three girls. One of her more notable relationships was with writer Susan Sontag who died in 2004 – a relationship that lasted some fifteen years.

A look at her current transits shows that she recently moved her through her second Saturn Return last year, which can often be very unsettling. This is one time when people can be pushed into making decisions they may not have made otherwise. It is a time when the chickens  come home to roost, bringing a need to face reality as it is, and not as we would like it to be.

Transiting Saturn moves into Libra in late October 2009 which is going to be another sobering influence as it will eventually square her natal Uranus in September 2010 and conjunct her natal Sun, Mercury and Neptune in October and November 2010.

Along with this transiting Pluto opposes her natal Uranus in Cancer three times over 2010 which suggests that there are going to be a few major changes going on in her life. The first transit will be in February 2010 – and this is going to coincide with a need for drastic action at some level. It doesn’t exactly look as though Annie is going to continue to have her cake and eat it. The real deadline concerning her finances may turn out to coincide with this powerful aspect in February. Plus if she is busy discussing her money issues now whilst Mercury is retrograde – anything could happen.

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