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Anne Robinson And Her Weakest Link

On first glance at Anne Robinson’s chart it is hard to imagine that she has four planets in the cooperative and charming sign of Libra.

The TV presenter who has found international fame by playing the thin-lipped, poker-faced dominatrix on ‘The Weakest Link’, surely must be a Scorpio? She must have a good dose of power hungry and controlling Pluto aspects at least? No she hasn’t!

Not only this but her Sun exactly conjuncts Neptune, so she has a soft and very sensitive side which she takes great pains to protect.

Anne is a complex character who has not had an easy ride over much of her life. She seemed to have learnt a lot from her mother, who was a very strong women at a time when feminism was just being talked about and brought into the mainstream. She was an agricultural business woman and very successful. She also had a drink problem.

Anne has her Moon in Capricorn and Saturn in Cancer, which perhaps reveals something of the resourcefulness and the survival instinct inherited from this powerful women.

Not only did Anne’s mother make the family very wealthy, she also paid for her own very lavish wedding and honeymoon on the Riviera which was considered very exotic in those days.

Anne herself admits to having been terrified of her, as were most people. She was apparently a bully who detested other bullies, but no one had the nerve stand up to her.

The Moon in Capricorn is one of those placements that can be very difficult to deal with. The person with this influence in their chart often feels that getting real nurturing love from their mother is like getting blood from a stone. It’s there, but you have to jump through hoops and perform to the required standard to get even a drop. The love tends to be given in crumbs rather than being something that can be relied upon.

The only planet in the element of water happens to be Saturn in Cancer, which conjuncts her Ascendant just on the twelfth house side. Apart from this she has five planets in air, three in earth, and one in fire.

Her Cancer Ascendant adds to the overall shrewd and security orientated energy of the chart. Cancer is often described as an emotional and sensitive sign, but it seems to be emotion of a different order. Many crabs have a hard shell, (or access to another species shell), and they seem to survive defensively with all kind of biological properties that help then to interpret the world around them and act accordingly.

Cancerians have similar issues and also tend to rely on instinct to see them through life’s problems. From this point of view it can seem that they don’t have much emotional feeling at all and can come across as being very ruthless. It is often very difficult to get through their defences, and it can take a long time before they will really trust you.

It can be all or nothing with Cancers and as Anne also has Saturn conjunct her Cancer Ascendant this makes her even more prickly and defensive. You either get soft mass of oozing feeling which is overwhelming and smothering as Cancer’s protective urge surrounds you with their cupboard love, or you get the cold shoulder. Their moods go in phases along with the phases of the Moon and the changing Moon signs – so they can be very inconsistent in their consistency.

Anne was brought up with an Irish Catholic background, and attended a Roman Catholic Girls school in Merseyside. In the early stages of her life her free expression was rather inhibited. Experience has made her wary in her dealings with others, and rather taciturn in style. She has always taken her professional life very seriously, rising to the many challenges that arise during the course of her career. When she started out at eighteen she wanted to be famous, wealthy and did not want to run her own business.

Anne was very keen to become successful and not that keen to be a good mother and house wife. One notorious statement she came out with was that she would prefer to write a report of the Vietnam War than to vacuum her lounge. She began appearing on BBC Television in the 1980’s on Programs such as Point Of View and Watchdog, and she very much began to enjoy making the heads of large corporate companies quake in terror at her persistent questioning about their misdemeanours. Her planets in Libra contribute to her sense of fair play and to the fact that she was always on the side of the consumer being badly treated by unscrupulous money makers.

But if there is one issue in her life that has left her deeply wounded, that is that she lost custody of her only daughter Emma, when she was just over one year old. The trauma of divorce and of this loss meant that Anne sank into alcoholism and reached rock bottom. It was in 1973 when she was ending her relationship with Charles Wilson, her then husband, and the courts decided that she wasn’t fit to have Emma living with her on a permanent basis. Emma was looked after by her father.

Having her Sun conjunct Neptune in Libra is Anne’s personal weakest link. This conjunction meant she was a sensitive and impressionable person with a strong need to be able to define herself. She used her work and her marriages to give her life structure, but there was a part of her that wanted to escape the pain that the emotional side of her life was creating. Sun/Neptune conjunctions are associated with escapism and with addictive tendencies as a way of masking and numbing pain and therefore of not being responsible for the consequences.

Over 1972 and 1973 she certainly had some very powerful aspects in her chart. Uranus had conjuncted her Mars in Libra in the fourth house which must have coincided with the break up of the home. In 1973 Pluto was then transiting over her Sun/Neptune conjunction, and this seemed to be the trigger and the start of the real downward spiral. Pluto conjunct this very sensitive area would mean a journey of death and rebirth for Anne that would last until 1978.

Pluto will help to smash any illusions and expose forms of escapism, but not until you have drunk to the bottom of the cup. This dark period of her life caused a loss of identity and took away everything from her. It was only through the support of her friends and family that she came through it all. In 1978 she says that she was about to buy a bottle of Vodka in the supermarket when she saw the tears streaming down her daughter’s face and at that moment she gave up. Other people attribute her success to working through the Alcoholics Anonymous twelve step program – but Anne seems very cagey about admitting this.

Other aspects which add to her sense of insecurity and her inner pain are Saturn in square to her Sun and the Moon square her Mars. The square between the Sun and Saturn is rather wide, but still functional. This influence again adds to the image of a sober faced and rather emotionally inhibited person who tends to take life very seriously. Childhood experiences undermined her self-confidence, yet she had no choice but to succeed.

She managed to get into journalism by starting as a secretary and having an affair with the then Guardian sports editor. She then decided to marry her boss -Charlie Wilson. He seemed to think that she would stay happily at home and look after their daughter, but instead Anne decided to hire a nanny and found a job with the Sunday Times. This must be that canny Saturn in Cancer influence which will hang onto any opportunity with claws of steel in order to win security. In fact she really needed Saturn as a counterbalance to her Sun/Neptune conjunction as it lent her an instinctual ability to make the best out of every opportunity that came her way.

This is another factor that meant she had a strong need for approval, with love conditional on performance. Although she is known for her cutting remarks which can reduce grown men to tears and assign them to the therapists couch, she is probably her own worse critic and judges her own actions just as harshly. She is probably too dismissive when offered love and affection, and rather severe when giving it. Despite her authoritarian and workaholic approach to life, she does have high principles, and has no expectations of an easy life. She has worked hard to build up a secure structure in life for those she holds dear.

With her Moon in Capricorn square Mars in Libra, she was brought up in an atmosphere of tension which lacked balance. Much of her life and her struggles to succeed may have been due to a search for harmony and peace. This aspect coincides with the aggressive approach of her mother, and the many struggles involved in family life. She seems much more settled and happy now. Her marriage to Charles Wilson was a case in point as he tended to become extremely emotional and vehement. He would express his feelings passionately and intensely. However Anne was not the kind of person to stay quiet herself, she also had a fiery temper – never having experienced peace and calm in her early life – she recreated the very same atmosphere until she learnt to deal with her anger, or channel it effectively. However it always takes two to tango.

Expressions of anger rarely solve anything. It pays to be conscious of the reasons for anger, before it arises.

As she has matured, she has gained insight into her emotional nature, but she still enjoys being the provocateur in any ocean of calm. Those she works with say she can be a hellish employer, but as time goes on they somehow become very attached to her.

So what makes her such a keen TV presenter and game show host. For a start, her Moon in Capricorn trines Mercury and Chiron in Virgo. This is no doubt where she gets her very dry sense of humour – if you can call it that. In this instance her Chiron/Moon connection seems to be just as much about inflicting the wound as healing it. Or maybe she is continually recreating the original wounds received from the lashing end of her own mother’s tongue. Ann has learnt to keep a straight face whilst she communicates to hide the range of emotions that may be occurring just beneath the surface. With this complete lack of facial expression it is very hard to know when she is joking and when she is serious, and she enjoys this little game very much.

She has a very keen and incisive mind that is geared towards facts and to a deep and intelligent appraisal of whatever subject she is involved with. She presents her information in a way that is very formal, calling a spade a spade. Yet her style of communication is also full of surprises and rebellious undertones.

Her school years will also have had a great emotional impact on her, for better or worse. She would have been extremely sensitive to being criticised or misunderstood on a mental level.

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Virgo, so learning is a strong motivating factor in her life. This doesn’t always mean learning facts and information, but learning practical life skills that will help her to survive and get the most out of each day.

Learning languages, travelling and meeting people, are all important activities for her, because they give her the opportunity to train and expand her mind. She can be witty and a mine of information. On the other hand she may feel a strong need to impose her ideas and opinions on others, as her journalistic writings often revealed. She hates to be belittled mentally, and will compensate for this by becoming argumentative, or by dutifully trying to enlighten people about what the truth really is.

Another important influence is her is Mercury in square to Uranus. She has a very quick mind, and attracts attention through her ability to give conversations a surprising turn. She is quickly bored by conventional waffling and she is prepared to say anything, or repeat anything, to give conversation more interest. At times this tendency easily leads to confusion and misunderstandings in relationships. She has the habit of breaking the flow of communication – a habit she learned in childhood – and this leads to a rather stressful atmosphere in intimate relationships. When she gets bored in intimate relationships, she tends to say and do the opposite of what is expected, just to get results. She loves to make provocative statements. This can be exasperating for her partners.

She has both Mars and Venus in Libra in aspect to Uranus, which gives her a rather unique attitude to relationships. No doubt this came from early experiences of the relationship between her parents. The upbringing may be characterised by mixed messages as regards her own sexual identity – as her mother encouraged her to be fiercely independent. Her upbringing has evoked a tendency in her to be very detached and rather cool in the expression of love. She instinctively anticipates a sudden break of emotional bonds, and learned at an early age to be very self-sufficient.

Mars trine Uranus gives her that dynamism which means she is usually way ahead of the game. Perhaps it was this influence that encouraged her to walk naked into a bar, all except for a pair of high heels, pour a pint of bear over her boyfriend’s head and then climb on top of his car and start smashing the windscreen with her shoes. She needs excitement and she certainly knows how to create it. As a writer she does her best work when a deadline is threatening. When she decides to act, she strikes like lightning. However she is best at working in short bursts of energy. Longer periods of activity tire and bore her.

She has to have the freedom to experiment and learn from her own experiences. She is not very good at working in a team because she can react violently to being told what to do. She hates restrictions and orders and needs to go her own way. Other people experience her as rebellious and as having a tendency to get into trouble with authorities.

It already seems as though Anne has achieved everything she could possibly hope for. Her show has achieved cult status in the US as well as here, and her fame has reached around the globe. She is wealthy to the tune of 60 million pounds and rising, and was settled with her second husband – John Penrose, whom she married, divorced and then married again, and has since divorced once more in 2007. Her daughter Emma and herself have made peace with each other, and Emma has forged her own very successful career. Anne currently shares her time between her home in London and her place in the Cotswolds, and is now gloriously single once again. Thing’s couldn’t be more perfect.

Where does she go from here? Her progressed Mars, Sun and Mercury are all in Sagittarius and with Mercury in her sixth house of work. It doesn’t look like she is going to stop travelling or working in the near future, she is enjoying her life far too much. In all ways she is broadening her horizons and this phase seems unlikely to come to an end for some time. Her progressed Moon is in Gemini and this may coincide with an even greater desire to write or broadcast, perhaps on a different tack. She is indomitable.

Her recent spell under the surgeon’s knife and her decision to go on a strict diet have honed her looks and given her an added youthfulness and vigour. She swims regularly and runs three and a half miles every other day – which is why she looks so good. She continues to enjoy beautiful clothes, just like her mother and wearing them with style.

Her weakest link – her Sun/Neptune conjunction is going to be tested towards the end of 2009, into 2010 and on into 2011. Transiting Saturn conjuncts both planets on the 11 and 17 of December, then Pluto moves to square both planets in a three part transit over 2010, followed by Uranus opposing the conjunction again in three parts over 2011. She is going to be under a lot of pressure from all sides. This includes the pressure she may put on herself, as well as that coming her way from other people and as part of her job. Just how long can she continue? Something has to give – or to change.

Anne has already discovered that she turns people on with her style of delivery and her jet black outfit. Uranus is the planet of experimental alternatives, so perhaps the ‘Queen Of Mean’ is considering how she can capitalize on this still further. Maybe dominatrix to the power of a hundred! It hardly bears thinking about!

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