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Anne Hathaway Nominated For Oscar

Anne Hathaway is ecstatic to be in the running for an Oscar.  She  was nominated for best actress for her part in Rachel Getting Married, in which she played the part of Kym, a recovering drug addict, who comes out of rehab to attend the wedding of her sister Rachel. In the Oscar stakes Anne is equal favourite with Kate Winslet and slightly ahead of Meryl Streep and Angelina Jolie – according to the bookies.

Her chart has a particularly powerful focus on the sign of Scorpio – but no known time. Her Moon is in Libra, and she also has a major conjunction between Pluto and Saturn – again in Libra.

Taking a look at her Scorpio side she has Mercury, the Sun, Jupiter and Venus all conjunct, so she is a women of substance and depth. She is naturally drawn to explore the taboo areas of life and the underside of existence, though perhaps not always consciously. She can easily slip into roles such as that of Kym as well as into something wickedly humourous such as Agent 99 in Get Smart. Jupiter lets us know a bit about our sense of humour and Anne’s seems to toy with the darker side – she can see the comic in the tragic.

Yet her Moon in Libra also means that she is accutely sensitive to other people’s emotions, as well as to her own. It is like being covered in delicate feathers – she is aware of every current of feeling no matter how gentle and this can make her insecure about herself and her abilities. She may try to mask these fears and neuroses with the aid of her Saturn/Pluto conjunction – but in order to stay on an even keel it helps her to take time out to reflect on what is happening within – to acknowledge it and work with it so that these feelings are not repressed even further.

This sensitivity helps her to get right to the heart of the character she is portraying. She can’t help but be transformed by the parts she is involved with. Her Pluto/Saturn conjunction has alchemical qualities, so she is constantly being pushed to turn the lead of her being into gold.

She has suffered with depression in the past and seems more haunted by inner angst than you might imagine – she always seems so confident on stage. There is a danger that she may become too attached  to the image she has created, whilst the powerfuly creative, restless and not always perfect parts of her being are kept out of the light. Hopefully the more challenging roles she is now involved with will encourage her to explore complex feelings, passions and obsessions and enable her to draw on this powerful energy that she has in plenty, taking her acting abilities to even greater heights.

Her Libran Moon squares Mars in Capricorn which means that she can flip from being ultra sensitive to very practical and ambitous. She may have doubts about herself, but she also has the ability to override her issues and keep going. Just when she needs it her Scorpionic ability to control and master her sensitivities is there for her.

She was named Anne Hathaway after the wife of British playright William Shakespeare – and it was quite intentional. She was motivated from a young age to be an actress and succeeded in keeping her focus – which has paid off handsomely. Some of her earlier films were the Princess Diaries in which she starred opposite Julie Andrews and  Ella Enchanted.

However her epiphany came when she played the part of Lureen Newsome in Brokeback Mountain – it was then that she realized how much she loved acting, especially her ability to move people, and allow them an opportunity to escape into another world. To become absorbed in a story that could temporarily take them away from their own lives and problems.

I couldn’t help noticing that her Scorpio Stellium is opposed by Chiron in Taurus, and squared by Vesta in Aquarius. Vesta is at the apex of a T-square of fixed signs. It suggests that without her acting career, represented by the sign of Leo, she may have become alienated from feelings of pain and hurt, which needed to be healed. Acting is the best therapy she could subscribe to – it really helps her to exteriorize those inner demons where she can see them for what they are. It helps her to put aspects of her past into perspective and make sense of issues that seemed to create unnecessary suffering at the time.

She was dating Raffaello Follieri but ditched him before his part in the Vati-con scandal came to light. Her diaries were seized by the FBI but she was not implicated in any way.

So is she going to win an Oscar? Looking at the transits and progressions in both hers and Kate Winslet’s chart it seems that Kate has the edge. But it is a very fine edge! Anne has a lot of her progressed planets in Sagittarius, including her Sun, whilst her progressed Moon is back in Libra and almost conjuncting the natal degree. Fortune is smiling on her. Without the exact birth time is is difficult to be accurate. Transiting Uranus trines her natal Jupiter just over two week prior to Oscar night, but isn’t really enough to swing it for her.

Kate has transiting Jupiter trining her Pluto, Moon, Sun, Ascendant conjunction in Libra in the days prior to and after Oscar night. With her progressed Sun in Scorpio and progressed Moon in Capricorn she may be about to rewarded for her hard work and dedication. I haven’t checked out Meryl Streep or Angelina Jolie yet – so they may be even better placed.

Whatever happens – the night is sure to bring a few surprises!

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