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Amy Winehouse – Talent & Torment

Really sad to hear the news about Amy. I have written about her a few times before, and always noticed how her chart revealed her huge talent and sadly great torment too. There is a particular combination of aspects in there that mirrored her tendency to go into downward spiral, and to find it very difficult to get out again.

She had natal Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in Libra, a very intense blend of energies that have a unique vibration and frequency.  Both planets aspected a Moon/Neptune conjunction.  Her time of birth is not known, so her Moon may be close or even conjunct Neptune, or further away. But the link between all four planets reveals a state of mind into which she was drawn back again and again.

Saturn in Scorpio and conjunct Pluto is a double whammy which takes her right down into those dark areas of the psyche and beyond. She had a natural attraction to all that was taboo and yet sought to numb herself from the revelations which naturally evolved out of such explorations. Alcohol and drugs were the way she cocooned herself from the pain which she wanted to understand and escape from at the same time.

It was her ability to go deep into her own issues that inspired much of her song writing ability. Once again the link with Neptune and the Moon opens up avenues into music, rhythm and the beat of life. She could write and sing from the heart, yet it was the same energy at another vibrational level that attracted her to drugs and to experimentation in this area too.

She was a Sun Virgo with her Sun conjunct Mercury,  which gave her a natural ability to master the skills necessary to play the kind of music she loved. Hers was a blend of styles that created a unique mix which became her trademark.

With both Mars and Venus in Leo, she was  natural entertainer, but as both linked in to her Saturn/Pluto conjunction she became the centre of attention for others reasons – often a cry for help.

This time she has become very upset at the recent split from her boyfriend – film director Reg Traviss – who had been desperate to help her get over her problems. When he realized that his efforts were futile he decided it was time to end the relationship.

However, there was always going to be an issue with self-sabotage unless she could move beyond the issues which drove her to such extremes.

Even though she was being praised for her musical style,  and was awarded many accolades, she was often unpredictable, sometimes walking off stage in the middle of a song, or forgetting her words – being late. But friends remember her for being warm, funny, witty, caring, clever and very intelligent – a side of her which was often not mentioned in the tabloids.

Transiting Saturn is currently in Libra and in December of this year it would have aspected Moon/Neptune conjunction before conjuncting her natal Pluto. Saturn encourages us to take responsibility for those areas of our lives where we are not embracing our potential. Saturn would also conjunct her natal Saturn later in 2012 ushering in her Saturn Return. This ‘might’ have been a turning point – a chance to see things in perspective, face those demons and move on into a more fulfilling life. But it wasn’t to be.

Sadly she joins a number of other famous and talented stars who all passed from this world at age 27 – Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain.

Her 2006 album Back to Black was an instant success, and contained the hit song Rehab. The album won five  awards at the 50th annual grammy awards ceremony. Amy was also very supportive of her goddaughter Dion Bromfield – encouraging her all the way and even making an impromptu appearance on the stage with her a few evenings before her death.

At this stage the reason for her death is not known – although she is thought to have taken a cocktail of drugs and alcohol, which may have been too much for her system.





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