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Amy Chills Out In The Caribbean

Amy Winehouse seems to be looking happy and healthy as she continues to enjoy a long vacation in the Caribbean with her mother Janis and friends. She has been putting on weight and looks better than she has in some time. She has also been seen with her arms around new boyfriend actor Joshua Bowman – joking and enjoying a laugh, and far away from her husband Blake Fielder-Civil who is currently in jail.

This is in stark contrast to the last couple of years when she lost a lot of weight and was battling with drugs and ill health, including the lung disease emphysema.

A look at her chart reveals that her progressed Moon has been in Scorpio hence this recent period of self-sabotage and destructive behaviour. It is probably on he verge of moving into Sagittarius, if it hasn’t already.
The progressed Moon forms a powerful emotional backdrop to our daily life.

Sagittarius is very upbeat and positive sign and is also linked with travel, fun, laughter and humour. Amy’s natal Moon is in Sagittarius, indicating that she is a fun loving gal when she gives herself the chance. But she has natal Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in Libra, so she is able to self-destruct in equal measure.

The past two and  half years would have been the most difficult for her in some time, as the tendency to give in to bad habits would have been greater than usual. Her natal Moon is also conjunct Neptune so if she gets into the wrong company she can easily spiral out of control. Moon/Neptune contacts are also associated with alchohol and drug problems.

There are rumours that she is considering relocating to the Caribbean as she loves the lifestyle and the people.

For now, at least, everything seems cool!

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