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What is Astrocelebrities.com?

Astrocelebrities.com is a website for anyone interested in all aspects of western astrology, and celebrities.

You Will Find:

• Information on actors and actresses, authors,  sports people, spiritual pioneers, geniuses, dreamers and many more – both historical figures and those still living. Latest celebrity news from an astrological perspective

In depth articles on astrology and the practice of astrology, as well as detailed celebrity bios and chart interpretations

• A list of resources for further reading

• A chance to learn about the basics of astrology and astrological interpretation

• Coming soon – podcasts and videos

• Reviews

• Information on arranging a consultation

Who Is Helen Adams?

Astrocelebrities.com content is created by Helen Adams, a freelance writer and astrologer living in the UK. Helen has been studying and practicing astrology for the past twenty-five years and has been a freelance writer for the past twelve.

She has written articles on astrology, alternative health and on spirituality for a number of newspapers, magazines and websites, including the Glasgow Herald Magazine, Positive Health, Women. She is a regular monthly contributor to Horoscope Magazine (the UK equivalent of Dell Horoscopes), and contributes weekly to one of the world’s leading astrological websites.

She also has a particular interest in dreams and dreaming. She writes a regular astrological dream interpretation column, and has co-authored a book entitled Your Dreams & Your Stars.


If you have any ideas about celebrities you would like to see featured or any other suggestions for this site please email me:

helen at astrocelebrities dot com


All images are believed to be in the public domain except where stated, and will be taken down immediately upon request of the respective owners if there is a problem.