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When Good Bishops Turn Bad


What could have caused the Anglican Bishop of Willesden – Pete Broadbent to vent his spleen on his Facebook page concerning the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton? He branded them as ‘shallow celebrities’ and voiced his view that their marriage was set up to fail by the gutter press.

He also gave . . . → Read More: When Good Bishops Turn Bad

Kate & Prince William – Katy Waits No More!


It looks like Kate finally got her Prince. But does she have what it takes to fit into the lifestyle that now awaits her? How will the coming year or so pan out for her and William? Let’s take a look!

Considering the aspects she has in her chart it looks like she is going . . . → Read More: Kate & Prince William – Katy Waits No More!

Mars & Saturn – Resistance?


As Mars moves to sextile Saturn we get a chance to understand how both forces can work together – harmoniously or not. ¬†Currently Mars is in Sagittarius and needs no prompting. In this sign it wants to reach for the next challenge, see what is just over the horizon, dream big and go for broke. . . . → Read More: Mars & Saturn – Resistance?