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Mars In Leo – Dramarama


Mars moves out of Cancer and into Leo on Friday 16 October  2009, where it will get a chance to play with some fixed fire.

What is unusual about this placement is that Mars is going to be here for some time – almost eight months to be exact, until June 7 2010. So whichever . . . → Read More: Mars In Leo – Dramarama

Kelly O – A Star In The Making


Kelly Osbourne has been flashing her talent on the dance floor with partner Louis Van Amstel. Watch this space as transiting Jupiter is creeping up to her Midheaven. Whether she continues on in the competition or is knocked out – something really good is going to come out of this for her.

Below is a . . . → Read More: Kelly O – A Star In The Making

Review: Life Cycles By Rose Elliot


Life Cycles is one of those books that helps make astrology more accessible to the lay person, and yet can be very relevant to more experienced astrologers too.

This is the latest edition of Rose Elliot’s classic book, in which she she discusses in depth the subject of planetary cycles and how they affect us throughout . . . → Read More: Review: Life Cycles By Rose Elliot