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Justin Timberlake – Happy Birthday!


Justin Timberlake, singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer and actor is 28 today – born in Memphis,, Tenessee on January 31 1981. He’s an Aquarian with his Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune. Justin has his own unique way of doing things and loves to joke around.

Last year he confessed that he suffers from OCD – that is obsessive . . . → Read More: Justin Timberlake – Happy Birthday!

Saturn – Thriving & Blossoming In Difficult Times


Saturn is given a lot of bad press being equated with limitation, karma, strict boundaries, ego, structure, focus, hard work, reality, time, reaping what you have sown, pressure and responsibility, the glue that holds the illusion together.

Saturn presents us all with certain lessons as defined by its place in our natal charts as well as the . . . → Read More: Saturn – Thriving & Blossoming In Difficult Times

Prince Harry Splits With Chelsy Davy


This is interesting, coming as it is on the eve of a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. The Eclipse conjuncts Chelsy’s Jupiter in Aquarius. She is on the verge of her Jupiter return, so maybe she wants to expand her options. This event has been coming on for some time. Perhaps as Mercury is currently retrograde, there may . . . → Read More: Prince Harry Splits With Chelsy Davy

Anne Hathaway Nominated For Oscar


Anne Hathaway is ecstatic to be in the running for an Oscar.  She  was nominated for best actress for her part in Rachel Getting Married, in which she played the part of Kym, a recovering drug addict, who comes out of rehab to attend the wedding of her sister Rachel. In the Oscar stakes Anne is equal favourite with . . . → Read More: Anne Hathaway Nominated For Oscar

Barack Obama’s Crystal Chart


I have been meaning to explore the idea of crystal astrology for some while – and Barack Obama’s chart seemed a great place to begin. The reason for this is that I find it helpful to look at a chart from a number of different perspectives. For me anything that acts as an additional portal to another . . . → Read More: Barack Obama’s Crystal Chart

Paul Burrell – A Time Of Peace And Plenty


Studying Paul Burrell’s chart, (no known time), I began thinking about which aspects and planetary placements might coincide with being a butler or a courtier in a Royal household. A deeper look enabled me to realise that in his case his success was largely due to his mercurial abilities.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines this . . . → Read More: Paul Burrell – A Time Of Peace And Plenty

Kate Winslet Wins Two Golden Globes


British actress Kate Winslet has all the hallmarks of a Libra with a dash of spice for good measure. She came away from the 2009 Golden Globe Awards with two Golden Globes. One for best actress in the film Revolutionary Road which was diected by her husband Sam Mendes. The second for best supporting actress . . . → Read More: Kate Winslet Wins Two Golden Globes

Mercury Retrograde – A Journey Outside Linear Time


At the time that Mercury was stationary in Aquarius, prior to becoming retrograde I had an interesting experience that enabled me to appreciate why this phase really is very empowering and exceptionally creative.

It encourages me to believe that whilst Mercury is retrograde we are more easily able to move out of our habitual mental ruts . . . → Read More: Mercury Retrograde – A Journey Outside Linear Time

Oprah’s Defining Moment


It looks as though Oprah has recently had her defining moment , as she talks about her disappointment at putting on forty pounds in weight since 2005. She is more determined than ever to find a way to overcome her weight issue. And if  her chart is anything to go by – she may just succeed this time . . . → Read More: Oprah’s Defining Moment

Amy Chills Out In The Caribbean


Amy Winehouse seems to be looking happy and healthy as she continues to enjoy a long vacation in the Caribbean with her mother Janis and friends. She has been putting on weight and looks better than she has in some time. She has also been seen with her arms around new boyfriend actor Joshua Bowman . . . → Read More: Amy Chills Out In The Caribbean